Protecting Value and achieving Capital Growth.

Our Mission

Protecting value and achieving capital growth with a low risk profile.

Our Values

The fund’s investment strategy has the goal of achieving consistent growth with low volatility.
We work with Top European Custodian Bank and we only use Regulated Brokers for safekeeping our clients’ assets.
Lion AF is a Registered Alternative Fund in Luxembourg that is the safest hub for Hedge Funds in the world.
Our Team has decades of collective experience in the asset management of liquid investments.
Our Team is always market oriented and focus on how it’s changing with the time and will fit the Fund Strategy based on the new market conditions.
We build our own strategies from scratch to have always innovative approach on the market that we are covering.

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If you would like to learn more about Lion Alternative Fund please do not hesitate to contact us.

+352 20 88 05 96

Lion Alternative Fund
2 C Parc d'Activités
L-8308 Capellen

Discover Our Track Record

Our past portfolio performance indicates the past success of our strategy.

Lion Management Sàrl is registered with the Luxembourg Business Register under the number B237822 its quality of General Parner of Lion Alternative Fund duly registered with the Luxembourg Business Register (RCSL) under number B224771.

CreaTrust Sàrl is a Limited Liability Company registered with the Luxembourg Business Register under number B110593 is also registered as Chartered Accountant (Expert-Comptable) with the Ministry of Classes Moyennes under N 00136001/2 and is authorised to practice in Luxembourg. Creatrust Sàrl is involved in all Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer checks for Lion Alternative Fund and is therefore committed to review all investors listed present in the Fund register in accordance with the standard of rules as defined into the KYC/AML Europeran Directive (EU) 2015/849 duly implemented into the Luxembourg Law.

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