Investing With The Fund

Make the most of your money by putting it to work.

How To Invest In The Fund

Investing in the Lion Alternative Fund is really easy, you just have to follow the steps below.

Invest In 5 Simple Steps:

1. Read Lion Fund Prospectus

2. Read Lion Fund Term Sheet

3. Fill up the Subscription Form*

4. Send by Email to

Email all the below documents to

– Filled Up and Signed Form

– Color copy of your valid Passport or Identity Card (front and back)

– Proof of Address not older than 3 months**​

– Proof of Source of Income (like: tax declaration, bank statement)

5. and Send by Courier

Original Signed Subscription Form
Lion Alternative Fund
2 C Parc d’Activités
L-8308 Capellen

T +352 277 299 99

*Corporation need to fill up a different application available here: CORPORATE SUBSCRIPTION FORM

**Document where is clearly visible your Name and address, valid documents are: Utility Bill and Bank Statement.

Redemption Form

If you need any help in filling up the Subscription Form or Investment procedure please contact us at:

+352 20 88 05 96

Eligible Investors

Any institutional investor, professional investor or any other investor who meets the following conditions:

  • he has confirmed in writing that he adheres to the status of well-informed investor and sophisticated investor, and
  • he invests a minimum amount equivalent to 125 000 Euros in the Partnership, or
  • he has obtained an assessment made by a credit institution, within the meaning of Directive 48/2006/EC, or by an investment firm within the meaning of Directive 39/2004/EC, or by a management company within the meaning of Directive 65/2009/EC certifying his expertise, his experience and his knowledge in adequately appraising an investment in an alternative investment fund.

The Partnership Units can never be proposed nor issued nor held by a US Person unless they qualify as Accredited Investor.

Discover Our Track Record

Our past portfolio performance indicates the past success of our strategy. Contact us if you would like to discover more information.

Lion Management Sàrl is registered with the Luxembourg Business Register under the number B237822 its quality of General Parner of Lion Alternative Fund duly registered with the Luxembourg Business Register (RCSL) under number B224771.

CreaTrust Sàrl is a Limited Liability Company registered with the Luxembourg Business Register under number B110593 is also registered as Chartered Accountant (Expert-Comptable) with the Ministry of Classes Moyennes under N 00136001/2 and is authorised to practice in Luxembourg. Creatrust Sàrl is involved in all Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer checks for Lion Alternative Fund and is therefore committed to review all investors listed present in the Fund register in accordance with the standard of rules as defined into the KYC/AML Europeran Directive (EU) 2015/849 duly implemented into the Luxembourg Law.

SFDR which is part of a broader legislative package under the European Commission’s Sustainable Action Plan, came into effect on 10 March 2021.
To meet the SFDR disclosure requirements, the Luxembourg AIFM identifies, assesses and, where possible and appropriate, seeks to manage Sustainability Risks for the Partnership as part of its risk management process. The Luxembourg AIFM believes that the integration of this risk analysis could help to enhance the long term value of the portfolio for Investors, in accordance with the Investment Objective and Investment Policy of the Partnership. However, due to the nature of the Investment Objective, Sustainability Risks are not integrated in the investment decisions.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Partnership is not promoting environmental or social characteristics within the meaning of article 8 of SFDR nor has sustainable investment as its objective within the meaning of article 9 of SFDR. For the purposes of Article 6 of the EU Taxonomy Regulation, the Luxembourg AIFM confirms that the investments underlying this financial product (i.e. the Partnership) do not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities. The Luxembourg AIFM does not, and does not intend to, consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors, as per Article 4 1.b) of SFDR.

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